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Introducing the Neotech Bridge

Breastfeeding Assistance Device


You’ve Got This!

I created the Bridge because there was a lack of solutions for the most common issues I was seeing in practice. I consistently saw babies who were being supplemented with a bottle due to low supply and issues with latch.

The solution was simple: keep the baby at the breast as much as possible. There was no efficient way to do that until the Bridge was created.

The Bridge helps empower moms because it gives them a tool they can use on their own.

You can do this. You can feed your baby. You can keep your baby at the breast.

Kate Spivak

IBC Lactation Consultant
& Physician Assistant

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Invented by a lactation consultant to offer a better option for struggling moms. Get your Bridge. It makes a great baby shower gift. Free ground shipping.

Neotech Bridge Not Alone Video

You’re Not Alone

A disproportionate number of moms have challenges breastfeeding. Even moms who’ve done it before. Some Neotech moms share their experiences.

Neotech Bridge FAQs


Learn more about the Bridge Breastfeeding Assistance Device. See the answers to the most frequently asked questions.


I was able to successfully transition to unassisted breastfeeding after using the Neotech Bridge. I’m forever grateful for the use of the Bridge and how it changed my breastfeeding journey.

Erica D.

We ordered [The Bridge] with a specific family in mind. The SNS proved cumbersome and did not allow us the opportunity to tandem feed [twins]. Using the Neotech Bridge has made her dreams of tandem nursing possible!

Amy B.

[The Bridge] was instrumental in helping me get my baby back to breast! I can’t thank you enough!

Sara W.

[The Neotech Bridge] allows the breastfeeding mom to continue to bring the infant to the breast and stimulate the production of milk while supplementing.

Susan C.

I was able to try [the Bridge] for the first time today with a discharged NICU baby and a mom with LUPUS who struggles with positioning. The Bridge worked amazingly well and this mom is absolutely THRILLED… having good tools is immeasurable. Thank you so much!

Alisa Underwood

The Bridge worked amazingly well and this mom is absolutely THRILLED. As a former NICU RN and now private practice IBCLC the value in having good tools is immeasurable. Thank you so much!

Alisa U.

Neotech Bridge Breast Feeding Assistance Device

Bridge to Breast

The revolutionary Neotech Bridge is a simple way to supplement at the breast. Stimulate natural milk production, prevent breastfeeding interruptions, and help maintain skin-to-skin contact. It also provides a surface for baby to latch. It can be used in most circumstances in which a bottle would traditionally be used. It features a silicone nipple cover with a built-in channel to deliver colostrum, breastmilk or formula when necessary. Only $39.99. Includes Free ground shipping!

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